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6.4. Embedding your slide show in another Web page (optional)

Note to users of the iOS_html5 shell: You do not need to use the embedding tool. You can add "?embedcode" to the end of your slide show's complete URL to access the built-in embedding code generator. For instance:

... would be ...

Note to WordPress users: At this time, blogs hosted at are not allowed to insert multimedia embedding code. The directions below are therefore only applicable to privately hosted WordPress blogs.

The online embedding tool works with slide shows made with Soundslides or Soundslides Plus. The embedding tool is available here.

Before you can use the embedding tool, your slide show will need to be published on a Web server. It will not work with slide shows on your computer's hard drive. For more information on uploading your slide show to a Web server, click here.

To use the embedding tool, you will first need to enter your slide show's URL in the form, then click the "Continue" button.


The utility will now create the code to embed your slide show. You should see a preview of your slide show when the page loads. Below the preview you'll see a text box containing your new embed code.


Copy and paste the embed code into the code for your Web page (for most third-party applications and online services, there will be a tab or button labeled "HTML" or "CODE" to give you access to your page's code).

Changing the size of an embedded slide show

You can adjust the width and height of your slide show when you generate the embed code. This helps with embedding a slide show in a blog, for example.

To change the embedded size of your slide show, enter a new width and height in the text boxes under the embed code, then click the "Modify" button. The embedding tool will then change the code to use the new sizes.


Disabling autoload

Disabling autoload prevents the slide show from fully loading before the viewer clicks the play button. It is recommended that you check this box before embedding in a blog or a page with multiple slide shows, to help the page load faster. To do this, check the "Disable autoload" box, then click the "Modify" button to get the new code.

Alternative embedding tool

In the event the main embedding tool described above is out of service, an alternative basic embedding tool is available here.

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