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1.2. Version history

Current releases

Soundslides Plus: Mac OS X version | Windows version

Soundslides: Mac OS X version | Windows version

Changes in Versions 1.9.5 (Sept. 26, 2012)

Soundslides Plus and Soundslides 1.9.5 are free updates for all registered users.

Functionality changed or added:

  • Added iOS_HTML5 shell to more closely match the default player look and feel

Bug fixes:

  • Issue with installing the software on Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 (code is now signed)
  • Issue with Retina display zoom functionality

Changes in Versions 1.9.4 (Feb. 1, 2011)

Soundslides Plus and Soundslides 1.9.4 are free updates for all registered users.

Functionality changed or added:

  • Added zoomable timeline to the application
  • Added iPad compatibility via "HTML5 compatible" shell
  • Added iPhone compatibility via "HTML5 compatible" shell
  • Added Android compatibility via "HTML5 compatible" shell
  • "Export and Zip" option added
  • Added warnings to "spread equally" commands
  • Add "show_thumbnails_by_default" custom parameter
  • Add "js_on_end" custom parameter

Bug fixes:

  • "unsaved" warning now displays properly after using "spread equally" commands
  • Fixed condition that would not display "Versions" in the File menu on Windows platform
  • Corrected issue where a "1" may appear if an image did not have an IPTC caption on Macs
  • Additional compatibliy checks for OS X 10.6 and Windows 7
  • Additional changes to color profile detection with latest Flash Player updates

Changes in Versions 1.9.3 (Aug. 12, 2009)

Soundslides Plus and Soundslides 1.9.3 are free updates for all registered users.

Functionality changed or added:

  • Added transition options to the Slide Info pane for audio slide shows.
  • Added looping for "click through" non-audio slide show
  • Added color selector to all items in the Template > Fonts pane. (caption, caption background, headline, control font)
  • Added "memory_clear_mode" advanced parameter. Improves performance with slide shows with more than 120 images.
  • Added a wider version of the side-caption shell. See "sidecaption_wider" under the shell list.
  • Player controls can now be hidden via checkbox under the Template > Display options. This option should only be used in conjunction with the "Play automatically" option.
  • Added ability to parse [clickimagelink] and [clickimagelink_new] tags from the captions. This allows you to create external links for specific images.
  • New component listener - onScreenChanged()
  • New component parameter - "Show thumbnails full"
  • New adv parameters (menu_width, menu_height, show_thumbnails_full)
  • New query variable added for fullscreen images. (pathToFullscreenImages)
  • Added all buttons to onControlButton return listener function in the component
  • Added "return_to_start" advanced parameter. The slide show will STOP on the first slide after the slide show completes playing. (note the difference between this feature and looping. Looping will play after returning to the start, return_to_start will stop after returning to the start)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem where non-fullscreen images may not all load properly after switching back from fullscreen mode
  • Corrected issue where the initial_volume parameter failed to work if "Play automatically" was enabled
  • allowScriptAccess parameter in swfoject shell's "index.html" file changed to "always"
  • Corrected issue where out images were included in the fullscreen folder in exported publish_to_web folder.
  • Corrected an issue where the "update image" function did not always update the fullscreen image in the exported publish_to_web folder.
  • Corrected an issue where files with the ".jpeg" extension may not be imported.
  • Corrected an issue where any file with the string ".jpg" or ".jpeg" was added to the image import list.
  • Fixed an errant error message that displayed when Soundslides Plus was used in conjunction with Photo Mechanic's Export-to-Soundslides function.
  • Fixed an issue where custom image size could not be used if the project was created using Photo Mechanic's Export-to-Soundslides function.
  • Fixed javascript call so that it correctly escapes all newline and line-breaks (\r, \n, \r\n) with jsFunction advanced parameter
  • Fixed issue where several buttons could be actively triggered under the registration menu or other "cover" screens.
  • Fixed problem with color preview in Template > Display area.

Changes in Versions 1.9.2 (Oct. 29, 2008)

Soundslides Plus and Soundslides 1.9.2 are free updates for all registered users. This is a minor compatibility update.

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected an issue where the "Show sizes" function did not work correctly in conjuction with full-screen mode.
  • Added compatibility improvements for Adobe Flash Player 10.

Changes in Versions 1.9.1 (Sept. 15, 2008)

Soundslides Plus and Soundslides 1.9.1 are free updates for all registered users.

Functionality changed or added:

  • OUT folder has been completely redesigned and renamed "Bin."
  • Added command for permanently clearing the Bin.
  • Added command for moving all images to the Bin.
  • Added advanced parameters to define the full-screen image size (max_fullscreen_width, max_fullscreen_height). Default is 1000 x 665.
  • Added advanced parameter to control the initial volume (initial_volume: 0-100).
  • Added the ability to clone image movement settings from start and end positions.
  • Added a template shell using the W3C-valid SWFObject embed method (Template > Shell > swfobject).
  • Added a template shell which places the captions below the slide show presentation (Template > Shell > undercaptions).
  • Added override for full-screen captions. You can now force full-screen captions using the "fullscreen_caption" advanced parameter.
  • Added "autoplay" to the query string variables available.
  • Added pathToFullScreenImages as a query variable.
  • Increased the available width for lower third name and title fields.
  • "Fullscreen" changed to "Full-screen" in application, per industry standard.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved accuracy of the image movement dialog with non-standard aspect ratios.
  • Corrected an issue where the "Spread images ..." commands were missing from Soundslides on Windows.
  • Captions now appear properly on full-screen mode with side caption and under caption shells.
  • Improved timing accuracy in player.
  • Improved timing accuracy in application.
  • Fixed error in Windows versions where alert messages would appear with "undefined" messages.
  • Preset shells and default setting sizes could not be changed before initial import into application.
  • Corrected issue where custom size's aspect ratio was not being respected in the preview window on initial import into application.
  • Corrected issue in Windows versions where some hi-ascii (non-English) characters in HTML titles were not being displayed correctly.
  • Corrected an issue where the orientation property was potentially not honored if changing the custom slide show size.
  • Fixed issue with "Fade out/Fade in" individual transition timing accuracy.
  • Fixed problem where autoload override failed to delay the loading of audio if there was only one image.
  • Slide thumbnails are no longer active under the Bin window when it is open.
  • Fixed an issue where the README information for a shell was not being displayed when the shell preference was changed under the "Template" tab.

Changes in Versions 1.9 (July 16, 2008)

To avoid confusion, Soundslides Plus version numbers 1.3 through 1.8 have been skipped.  This brings both applications to version 1.9. Soundslides Plus and Soundslides 1.9 are free updates for all registered users.

Functionality changed or added:

  • Soundslides Plus now features a full-screen mode in the published player.
  • Soundslides keys are now cross-platform (Soundslides Plus keys have always been cross-platform).
  • Application now saves a .ssproj project file, this file will launch the associated project in Soundslides or Soundslides Plus when double-clicked or dragged to the application icon.
  • Application now correctly reads the EXIF image rotation data from imported JPG files and rotates accordingly
  • Application displays a warning dialog if quit with unsaved changes.
  • Added a "Clear all captions" option under the "Tools" menu. This will clear image captions for the entire slide show.
  • Added functionality to save all slide show settings as default.
  • Re-importing shorter duration audio no longer resets timing points. All timings are preserved now.
  • Multiple JPG image import now available with the "Slides" tab's "Add image" button.
  • "Clear recent menu" item added to the "File" menu.
  • Project folder name now appears in title bar.
  • In the application, right-arrow and left-arrow keys can now be used to navigate between images.
  • Multiple advanced parameters.
  • Improvements to JavaScript reporting system.
  • Windows versions now provide warning and troubleshooting information if Windows image processor not available.
  • Flash variables allowFullScreen and allowScriptAccess changed to allow full-screen functions (Plus only)
  • Advanced parameter added to control the full-screen background color (Plus only).
  • Advanced parameter added to control some full-screen navigation bar properties (Plus only).
  • Advanced parameter added to prevent auto-loading of images and audio, with the exception of the first image. Media files will load normally once the user clicks the play button ("autoload": false, true).
  • Timeline pauses if playing when clicking "TEST" or "EXPORT" buttons.
  • Output size control's "Save" button changed to "Apply." "Apply" is more accurate as the button does not save anything.
  • Recent projects list will now only appear if there are recent projects available.
  • Output now in Flash 9 format to enable full-screen capability and benefit from Flash 9's smoother playback.
  • Improved error message when trying to load a missing project from the "Recent projects" list.
  • Visual cue (question mark) now appears on missing recent projects.
  • Improved instructions for shell templates containing settings XML files.
  • Improved the reliability of the autoplay feature when playing locally from Windows PCs.
  • To prevent confusion, slide movement and lower thirds items are now listed with non-audio slide shows, though they are grayed-out with a warning.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with mapped drives in Windows.
  • Corrected issue where high-res images where not sizing correctly in player if replaced outside of application.
  • Application now correctly displays the saved color preset name in the "Template" tab.
  • Custom image folder failed to update in some situations if custom size was changed.
  • Timing data could become corrupt if either of the "Spread images evenly" options was used on a non-audio slide show.
  • Application would incorrectly attempt to process an empty image folder without displaying an error message.
  • Edit change warning now appears on all changes.
  • Improved error handling when importing images and audio.
  • In Mac OS X, application failed to replace the project folder as expected when a new project was deliberately saved with the same name and location.
  • Application no longer equals out the timing points when importing an audio file with a shorter duration. The application now moves any images outside the new audio file's duration into the OUT folder. Application warns before moving images to OUT, and action can be canceled. Application restores previous audio when canceling.
  • If audio re-import fails, application now correctly restores the previous audio.
  • Application would try to update an image even if the user clicked "Cancel" in the "ADD IMAGE" dialog.
  • Application would not always align thumbnails in timeline properly when adding an image or returning an image from the OUT folder.
  • Fixed condition where Macbook Pros would crash when using the video plug-in.
  • Corrected issue where recent projects would not correctly display high-ascii characters in headlines.
  • "Unsaved changes" dialog failed to display when making edits via "Slide info pane."
  • Corrected issue in application where the editing window could occasionally render as black if the currently previewed image was dragged to the OUT folder.
  • Under certain conditions, application would allow selection of unsupported formats when adding new audio via the "Audio" tab.
  • Corrected issue where shell folder name was not being properly re-populated if shell change was canceled.
  • Corrected issue where "BACK" and "NEXT" buttons would not work correctly under the Slide Movement tab in Soundslides Plus.
  • Corrected issue where the player would not scrub the timeline correctly if the scrubber was dragged more than 50 pixels off the player.

Changes in Soundslides Plus 1.2, Soundslides 1.8 (Jan. 1, 2008)

Minor update 658 (Jan. 8, 2008)
Minor update 681 (Feb. 11, 2008) Mac OS X only

Functionality changed or added:

  • Added ability to create a self-running slide show without audio (Plus only).
  • Improvement of buffering for click-through images (Plus only).
  • Added loop option.
  • "Caption" tab renamed "Details," as tab contains more than just caption info.
  • HTML tags in captions are now supported.
  • Added ability to type in exact time for in point on a slide.
  • Added advanced parameters for JavaScript tracking, footer links, menu customization and control colors.
  • Added embed_width and embed_height variable control to SWF query string.
  • Updated all shells to include new export features.
  • XML control file format now outputs as default (older TXT format still produced for legacy components and players).

Bugs fixed:

  • Mac OS X: Fixed an issue with the video plug-in where the plug-in would launch a "Where is" error after export.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed an issue where the "Slide movement" menu item was displayed even when that feature was not available (Plus only).
  • Fixed player issue with volume control when dragging the scrubber.
  • Corrected an issue in the player where it was possible for the volume control to display on non-audio slide shows if a shell or settings file was used (release 658, Jan. 8, 2008).
  • Fixed a bug seen with image widths above 1000 pixels (release 658, Jan. 8, 2008).
  • Fixed an issue with Scandinavian languages in captions on Mac OS X (release 681 Feb. 11, 2008).

Changes in Soundslides Plus 1.1 and Soundslides 1.7 (Sept. 13, 2007)

Functionality changed or added:

  • Added quick keys, e.g., Cmnd+S now saves (Mac OS X only).
  • Max image size increased to 1280 pixels.
  • Application now checks for updates automatically, when possible.
  • Application now remembers the last import directory. Previous versions had defaulted to the Desktop in every case.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed import error when re-importing audio if an external audio encoder was not installed (Windows only).

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