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6. Images are "bunched" at the end of the timeline

When importing a large number of images, they can appear "bunched" at the right side of the timeline. You can use the slider to the upper right of the timeline if you need to magnify the timeline to make timing changes easier. Additional information on adjusting timing can be found here.

Below are two other ways to clear "bunched" images at the end of a slide show timeline.

Drag-and-drop method

In the "SLIDES" tab thumbnail area, drag the affected images to the Bin, then open the Bin and bring the images back into the timeline one at a time. Drag the images from the thumbnail area to the timeline and drop them into place.

'In point' method

Numerically adjust the starting time of each bunched image. With the "SLIDE INFO" tab selected, type the time into the "In point" text box. An "Apply" button will appear, and it must be clicked to set the time.

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