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3. Sending a slide show to someone else

Soundslides and Soundslides Plus are designed for publishing slide shows online, but it is also possible to distribute slide shows via e-mail or CD.

After you are done editing your project, click the "EXPORT" button. This will create and open a folder called "publish_to_web."

Since you do not need access to the contents of this folder for this tutorial, you can simply close it. You will then need to locate the "publish_to_web" folder by opening your main project folder. The "publish_to_web" folder is located directly inside (see screenshot below).


CD/DVD/Flash drive

To send the slide show on removable media such as a CD, DVD or Flash drive, just copy the "publish_to_web" folder to the disc or drive. You'll need to instruct the recipient of the files to open the folder's "index.html" file in a Web browser.


Follow the directions here to create a ZIP file. This file can e-mailed as an attachment.

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