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5.3. Adding, removing and replacing images

Adding images

To add images to an existing slide show, select the "SLIDES" tab and click "+ ADD IMAGE." The images you select will then be placed at the end of the timeline.


Removing images

To remove images from the thumbnail area of the "SLIDES" tab, click and drag the thumbnails to the Bin. 


To re-insert images you have moved to the Bin, click the Bin to open it and drag the images back to the thumbnail area. Alternately, you can click the Bin to open it and then click the "RE-INSERT ALL" button to return all the images in the Bin to the thumbnail area.


Replacing an image

To replace or update an image without affecting the image's timing, select the "SLIDE INFO" tab, click on the "UPDATE IMAGE" button and select the new JPG file. The new image will then be imported and placed in the same position as the old one.

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