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3.3. Creating a project and importing files

To create a project, you'll need to have your images and audio track ready to import (for information on how to do this, click here). Your images should be located together, in a folder.

To create a new project, open Soundslides or Soundslides Plus, click the "NEW" button and select where to save the project.


After creating a project, you will be presented with the media import screen:


Importing images

Click the "JPG" button and select your folder of JPG images (be sure to select the folder and not the images inside). All the images in the folder will be imported.

Importing audio

Click the "SND" button and load your MP3 file.

You will now see the editing interface.

Creating a slide show without audio (Soundslides Plus only)

Soundslides Plus can create both click-through and silent-play slide shows. After importing your image files, click the "SLIDE SHOW ONLY — SKIP AUDIO" button to go straight to the editing interface.


Setting slide show size before importing (optional)

The output size for the finished slide show can be set before the images are imported. Slide show size can also be changed during editing (for more information, click here).

Soundslides and Soundslides Plus feature three default size options, along with an option for custom sizes. To choose a size, click on the appropriate radio button.


Note: The "Full-screen enabled" box only appears in Soundslides Plus. For more information on full-screen mode, click here.

The default sizes are as follows:

Small - blog embed
425 x 283 images
0px image padding

600 x 450 images
20px image padding

800 x 533 images
0px image padding

To define a custom width and height (up to 1280 pixels), click the "Custom" radio button, then change the image width, height and padding to the desired dimensions.

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