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6.3. Soundslides Hosting (optional)

Soundslides Hosting is an affordable slide show hosting system for Soundslides slide shows. It is designed for users who do not have their own Web space for posting slide shows. A trial account includes free unlimited slide show hosting for six months, and costs $12 per year after that.

To sign up, click here and enter your email address for an invitation.

Once you have registered, use the user name and password you created to log in here.

Uploading a slide show

To upload a slide show, click the "Upload slide show" link on the left-hand side of the page.


Next, click the "Select fil ..." button to browse for the exported ZIP file for your project (for information on creating the ZIP file, click here).


Select the exported ZIP file for your project.


You should then see a progress bar indicating your slide show is being uploaded successfully.


Slide shows are placed in a queue and processed in the order in which they are received. Once the slide show is at the front of the queue and begins processing, most slide shows are processed in less than one minute.

Once your slide show has finished processing, it should appear in the right-hand column.

Viewing a slide show online

To view a slide show, simply click the "View" link to the right of the slide show.


Embedding a slide show

To embed your slide show in another Web page, first click the "Embed" link to the right of the slide show.


Next, copy and paste the code from the box shown below to your Web page.


Adjusting the size of the embedded slide show

To adjust the size of the embedded slide show, change the numbers in the boxes shown below and click the "Modify embed code" button before copying and pasting the embedding code to your Web page.


Removing a slide show

To remove a slide show from your hosting account, click the "Delete" link to the right of the slide show.

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