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5. Exporting a slide show as a ZIP file

Note: The "Export and Zip" function was added in release 1.9.4. If you do not see "Export and Zip" under the "File" menu when editing your slide show, please download the latest update using the links on the left of this page. If you are unable to upgrade, instructions for older versions can be found lower on this page.

After you are done editing, you will need to create a ZIP file of your project. Just pull down the "File" menu to "Export and Zip."


This will create the file "" in the project folder.


Manual method

If you are using a version of Soundslides older than 1.9.4, you will need to follow the instructions below to create a ZIP file.

After you are done editing your project, click the "EXPORT" button. This will create and open a folder called "publish_to_web."

Since you do not need access to the contents of this folder for this tutorial, you can simply close it. You will then need to locate the "publish_to_web" folder by opening your main project folder. The "publish_to_web" folder is located directly inside (see screenshot below).

The next step will depend on your operating system.

Windows: Right-click on the "publish_to_web" folder and select "Send To" then "Compressed (zipped) Folder."

Mac OS X: Right-click (Ctrl+click on a single-button mouse) on the "publish_to_web" folder and select "Compress 'publish_to_web.' "

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