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6.2. Exporting a slide show

Soundslides and Soundslides Plus export a folder containing all the files you will need to upload to your Web server to publish your slide show online.

When you click the "EXPORT" button, a folder called "publish_to_web" is created inside your main project folder. This folder should then open on your screen.

Your folder may look different from the one above, depending on your operating system and your settings. However, inside you should see:

  • 400_300 (FOLDER, absent if using a custom size)
  • 600_450 (FOLDER, absent if using a custom size)
  • fullscreen (FOLDER, present only if using the full-screen option, Soundslides Plus only)
  • custom (FOLDER, present only if using a standard size)
  • audio_hi.mp3 (FILE)
  • audio_lo.mp3 (FILE)
  • index.html (FILE)
  • small.html (FILE, absent if using a custom size)
  • soundslide.txt (FILE)
  • soundslides.xml (FILE)
  • soundslider.swf (FILE)

Creating a ZIP file

If you need to create a ZIP file to upload to your Web hosting service or to an online converter, you can create one directly from Soundslides or Soundslides Plus. Just pull down the "File" menu to "Export and Zip."



This will create the file "" in the project folder.



For more information on uploading your slide show to a Web server, click here.

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