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5.4. Pan and zoom (Soundslides Plus only)

When creating an audio slide show with Soundslides Plus, you can add pan and zoom movement to the individual images. These features are not available for non-audio slide shows, since both features require timing tied to an audio track. It is, however, possible to use a silent audio track with pan and zoom, and we have created a ZIP file containing 30-, 60-, 90-, 120-, and 150-second silent audio tracks, available here.

To add movement to an image, click on the "SLIDE INFO" tab, then the "MOVEMENT" tab. You can then set the start and end positions by clicking and dragging the two thumbnail images.


To zoom on images, use the scale sliders below the images.


To move a panned and/or zoomed image from the start position to the end position or vice versa, click one of the arrows between the thumbnails.


To reset the image movement, click the "RESET MOVEMENT" button below the images.

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