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4.2. Font options

Once you have selected the "TEMPLATE" tab, selecting the "FONTS" tab will allow you to customize the display fonts for the headline, player controls and captions.

Use the pull-down menus to select which fonts you wish to use. "Web-safe" font options included with Soundslides and Soundslides Plus include:

  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Courier New

Font sizes (in pixels) can be typed in the text boxes.

To change the color of a font, click on the color selector box beside the font you wish to change.


For more font options, see the sections on HTML and Flash below.

Caption backgrounds

The "FONTS" tab also includes a color selector for the captions background color, and a box where you can enter the opacity as a percentage.


More options using HTML

By adding HTML coding to credits and captions text, you can increase your control over the appearance of the text. For more information, click here

More options using Flash

You can embed other fonts in the player using the Flash component in conjunction with the Adobe Flash application (MX2004 or later). For more information, click here.

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